Bookmarks beyond your browser

Web bookmarks

Use Flamory to create bookmarks, and you will get much more than your browser can give.

Works with

Google Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox

Bookmarks Your Browser Browser + Flamory
Page title checkmark checkmark
Address checkmark checkmark
Searchable page text checkmark
Position on the page checkmark
Selection checkmark
Screenshot checkmark
Thumbnail preview checkmark

Desktop bookmarks

Flamory works with the desktop applications too.
Create bookmarks in document editors, e-mail clients, file browsers

Works with

Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word Microsoft OneNote Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powepoint

Windows Explorer Total Commander Notepad++ Adobe Acrobat Windows Remote Desktop

+ hundreds of other apps

Single user
Unlimited bookmarks
Simple search
Single space
$ 5 /month
Multiple users
Unlimited bookmarks
Advanced search
Multiple spaces


Search by content

When you create a bookmark for web page, document or e-mail message, Flamory will also index its contents, so you can find it later.

Built-in screenshot editor

Edit screenshot for a bookmark - crop, highlight, add comments. Original image is saved, so you can change it later.

Single place for bookmarks

Bookmark web pages and places in documents on your computer using Flamory. See and search them all at the same time.

Share using familiar tools

Paste link, image or selected text from Flamory to your favorite application. You can edit the selected text and screenshot before pasting.

Sync with trusted cloud

Flamory stores all your data in a local folder. Move it to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive and keep bookmarks in sync across your computers.

History with thumbnails

Find bookmark by scrolling through screenshot thumbnails. They are captured when you create a bookmark.