Quickly capture the thing on your screen and use it later
Works for your browser and desktop applications

How it works


When you see some interesting thing on your screen, just press a shortcut and keep on going. Flamory will capture the screen, selected text and other parts of the context.

If you’re looking at web page, document or an e-mail, we will also index its contents, so you can find it later.

Capture content


Flamory is always near. Just move the mouse to the right edge of the screen and right-click. You will see your recent captures.

Remember some keywords from the page? Type them into the search box and Flamory will show you the matching captures.

Forgot what was the text there? Just scroll through the list and spot the thumbnail that looks right. Oh, there it is. Double click it and Flamory will take you to the thing you captured.

Remember the captured content


There are so much ways to share and organize what you've captured. That is why we support them all. E-mails, Wiki pages, OneNote? Just open your favorite application and press a shortcut, pick the right capture and it will be pasted there. You can edit the selected text and screenshot before pasting.

Use the snapshot


Bookmarking that goes beyond your browser

When you create a bookmark in browser, page title and address is saved. When you capture with Flamory, you also get a screenshot and selected text. We will also index page content, so you can find it later.

Flamory works not just with your browsers, but with most applications running on your desktop. Capture that part of the Word document, an e-mail or a sketch from image editor. Double click on the capture and Flamory will open original document for you.

Do a better research with less effort.

You read a dozen of articles and even some books on the topic, tried several ideas out and is now presenting your solution to the team. But, some guys are skeptical and are picking on the details. You are pretty sure that one of the articles addressed their concerns, but you just can't remember which one and give them the hard evidence. You wish you collected important parts of the articles, but it's just too much effort.

Well, with Flamory it isn't! It tracks the research as you do it, and helps you find each step later. A single key press in enough, to capture and remember the stuff you might need later. No need to create documents or open any applications. Keep focused on your research. You see relevant stuff on your monitor? Press the hotkey, and carry on. That's it. Flamory will do it's best to capture as many details as possible and help you remember them when you need it later.

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